• RT @PodcampHalifax: Got a cool Podcamp topic? Sign-up to present at #PodcampHFX http://t.co/tphAnQhiCv
  • RT @PodcampHalifax: Please note when all #PodcampHFX tickets are gone today, all is not lost. The waitlist option will kick in then!
  • RT @PodcampHalifax: Lot's of excitement for #PodcampHFX this morning, our little unconference wouldn't exist without all of you!
  • RT @PodcampHalifax: A few #PodcampHFX tickets left but not for long! #Halifax https://t.co/IN5IDLYSlw
  • @nsdebbi @PodcampHalifax keep and eye out tomorrow and get on the wait list once the site gets live..also prob tomorrow