Short Ver: We create great video and know how to put it on the web to benefit you.


Longer Version:

Spider Video Inc. is a full service video production company with a specialty in producing web based video content.  Craig is an artist first and his creativity shines through the lens onto your project.  Building on his expert knowledge of this new media medium he also brings a wealth of customer service experience combined with an acute sense of visual style to create custom designed video that reflects your message.

So what can I do for you?

Creative concept development
Script writing
File formatting/encoding
Internet distribution
Web integration consulting

We are an all-in-one-stop shop.  Spider Video Inc. handles all aspects of production from concept development, script  writing, budgeting, production, editing and distribution.  By scaling productions you can get the best value for your budget.  Yes, if you want helicopters, hold onto your hat.  But if you just need good sound, nice lighting and to get your message through to your web-audience, well that’s more our bread and butter.